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Data Breaches in Texas

Data Breaches in Texas

In this podcast episode, Aaron Garcia discusses the importance of cybersecurity in light of the increasing number of data breaches occurring daily. He highlights the requirement set by the Federal Trade Commission for businesses to enhance their security policies and conduct security assessments. Aaron emphasizes the need for businesses to take cybersecurity seriously due to the potential repercussions of data breaches on individuals’ lives. He refers to a list of breached companies provided by the Texas Attorney General’s website, showcasing the significant impact on Texans. Aaron stresses the potential dangers of personal data being exploited and the associated costs and headaches for victims. He further emphasizes the importance of businesses collecting only necessary information and implementing stronger encryption methods to protect customer data. Aaron suggests that businesses should focus on providing exceptional services and building a positive reputation through word-of-mouth rather than overly influencing customers’ buying behavior. He also calls for the government and businesses to explore alternative and secure methods of identifying individuals that minimize the collection of unnecessary personal information. Lastly, Aaron encourages individuals to go above and beyond their roles to ensure efficient operations and care about the overall success of their workplaces.

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