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Why Professors Need to Embrace ChatGPT

Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia
Why Professors Need to Embrace ChatGPT

In this passionate podcast segment, host Aaron Garcia reflects on the importance of embracing progress and technology in education. He shares his personal experience as one of the first students to bring a laptop to class back in 2007, successfully convincing his teacher that typing was a superior method of note-taking. Aaron criticizes resistant teachers who fail to grasp the concept of progress and the positive impact that technology can have on our lives.

Throughout his discussion, Aaron praises the use of artificial intelligence, specifically highlighting ChatGPT, and commends students who utilize such tools as geniuses. He emphasizes the need for professors to recognize the existence of technology and its potential to drive humanity forward. Aaron passionately advocates for the embrace of new ideas, technological advancements, and the utilization of tools like calculators, online resources, and Wikipedia to enhance the learning experience.

Drawing from historical examples, Aaron emphasizes the significance of adopting new technology, referencing Abraham Lincoln’s innovative use of trains and telegraphs during the Civil War. He stresses that progress and evolution are vital for survival and societal growth. While acknowledging concerns regarding laziness and misuse of technology, Aaron argues that progress should aim to make life easier and more efficient.

Addressing educators directly, Aaron urges them to understand the importance of utilizing tools and encourages students to explore and educate themselves about new technologies. He highlights that progress involves trying new things, thinking critically, and making intelligent decisions. Aaron expands the definition of technology beyond electronic devices, highlighting examples such as laundry detergent with advanced formulas.

In conclusion, Aaron asserts that embracing progress and technology leads to more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks and promotes a deeper understanding of interconnected information. He encourages his audience to click on hyperlinks, explore related ideas, and recognize the power of technology in expanding knowledge and improving lives.

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