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I am Aaron Garcia, a digital enthusiast driven by diverse passions and an unwavering thirst for innovation. San Antonio is not only my hometown but a place where my roots run deep, connecting me to its vibrant energy and fueling my drive to contribute to its growth and success. With my technology and automotive branding expertise, I proudly serve as the Brand Director at Hill Country Honda, where I aim to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Education has always held great importance in my life, and in 2013, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Incarnate Word with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. This achievement reflects my commitment to academic excellence and relentless pursuit of knowledge, which I continue to cultivate as I stay abreast of the latest advancements in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

I find solace and excitement in various creative outlets when not immersed in the professional realm. Under the name Aaron Loves Kara, I explore the world of music, pouring my emotions and stories into captivating lyrics and melodies. Connecting with others through the power of music brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

My passion for technology extends beyond music, as I curate unboxing experiences and share my insights on YouTube. With a substantial following and engagement from fellow tech enthusiasts, I thrive in our vibrant community, exchanging knowledge and embracing the ever-evolving digital world.

As an automotive enthusiast, I am particularly drawn to Honda vehicles. The sporty turbocharged engine and optimal fuel efficiency of the Honda Civic have captivated my attention. At Hill Country Honda, I merge my love for automobiles with my tech-savvy nature, bringing a unique perspective and valuable expertise to our dealership. Working alongside a talented team, we strive to succeed in the dynamic and competitive automotive industry.

Travel is another passion that fuels my spirit of adventure. With a camera, I capture the beauty of the world around me and share those experiences through photography, creating a visual diary that reflects the joy and wonders I find in exploration. Whether through social media or my blog, I invite others to join me on these captivating journeys.

My multifaceted nature allows me to embrace diverse interests, from technology and automotive innovation to music and creative expression. Through my personal and professional endeavors, I embody the spirit of innovation, curiosity, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Join me as we navigate the exciting realms of technology, explore the wonders of the automotive world, and embrace the beauty of creative expression. Together, we can unlock the potential of the digital landscape, inspire others, and embark on a journey of continuous growth and discovery.

Personal Life

Kara and Aaron’s paths crossed at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW). They were both outstanding students and received invitations to join the prestigious Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta. However, their initial meeting was not through the society’s induction ceremony.

In early 2010, Aaron decided to skip his Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony and instead joined a trip organized by TRiO, a student success service to assist first-generation college students. As a result, he missed out on receiving his membership certificate, and for years, he carried a sense of regret regarding this missed opportunity.

Fast forward to 2014, when Kara became the President of Alpha Lambda Delta, she was responsible for revitalizing the organization and reaching out to inactive members. Kara started sending emails to encourage their participation, including invitations to a pizza social event.

At this time, Aaron had already graduated from UIW but was contemplating whether to pursue a Master’s Degree. He had an active Cardinal Mail account, which allowed him to receive Kara’s emails. During a routine check of his email account in September 2014, Aaron noticed Kara’s second email, sent five days earlier.

Realizing that he had never received his Alpha Lambda Delta certificate, Aaron saw this as an opportunity to obtain it finally. He remembered paying his dues during college without benefiting from the organization. Aaron also noticed Kara’s profile picture on the student organization’s social network called OrgSync and became intrigued. He decided to search for Kara on Facebook, believing that it would provide a more efficient means of communication.

Aaron’s journey to receive his certificate spanned five years, from 2010 to 2015. Throughout this period, a blossoming romance unfolded between Aaron and Kara, with their relationship reaching several months in duration by the time Aaron finally obtained his certificate.

Aaron contacted Kara on Facebook, introducing himself and expressing his interest in becoming friends. Mutual attraction played a role in their desire to connect personally. They exchanged messages, and their interactions gradually progressed from Facebook to phone numbers and text messages.

Following a series of dates and getting to know each other better, Aaron asked Kara to be his girlfriend on October 16, 2014. Their relationship blossomed over the years, enduring various milestones such as graduation, career advancements, and the loss of their grandparents.

After dating for five years and three months, Aaron finally proposed to Kara on January 26, 2020, at UIW’s Headwaters Sanctuary. Aaron had initially planned to propose after two years of dating. Still, he wanted to ensure Kara finished her education without distractions and became financially stable before taking this significant step.

Their patience paid off, and on Valentine’s Day 2021, Kara and Aaron solidified their commitment to spend their lives together.


Aaron Garcia’s educational journey at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) was marked by a deep passion for learning, technological innovation, and a drive to make a meaningful impact. From 2009 to 2013, he pursued his studies with dedication and determination, embracing opportunities that would shape his future as an entrepreneur and app developer.

During his sophomore year, a pivotal moment occurred when Aaron attended the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in 2009. Steve Jobs’ captivating presentation left a lasting impression, inspiring Aaron to delve into the world of iOS app development. At that time, he had recently transitioned from the frustrating experiences of Microsoft Vista and Hewlett-Packard’s customer service to Mac OS X, and his interest in Apple and its innovative products continued to grow.

Eager to immerse himself in the realm of app development, Aaron wasted no time in registering as a developer and acquiring early versions of Xcode and the complete WWDC 2010 podcast. The flood of ideas for potential apps led him to conceptualize a unique concept called Shuttle Tracker—an app that would solve the challenges of tracking campus shuttles with unreliable schedules. Throughout his college years, he refined this idea, constantly developing and improving its functionalities.

It wasn’t until his senior year that Aaron’s path aligned with a fortuitous opportunity. While walking down a hallway, he noticed a poster advertising an iOS App Development course, MIS 4399, offered by UIW. The poster boldly proclaimed that the course was open to all majors as a general elective, with no prior experience required. Recognizing the potential to further his skills and knowledge in iOS app development, Aaron eagerly enrolled in the course for his final semester.

The MIS 4399 iOS App Development course was in its pilot stage, exclusive to only two institutions: Stanford University and UIW. The difficulty level was high, but so was the potential for growth and learning. Dr. Bo Han, the course instructor, stood out as an exceptionally enthusiastic professor, mirroring the passion Aaron had witnessed during Steve Jobs’ presentations at WWDC. Dr. Han’s lectures were transformative, as he shared valuable knowledge and practical insights that had the potential to turn students into self-made millionaires. Aaron was inspired by Dr. Han’s enthusiasm and his ability to go beyond the textbooks, offering practical explanations of each line of code. This approach deeply resonated with Aaron, strengthening his understanding and appreciation for the subject matter.

The experience gained from working with Objective-C and Xcode in the iOS App Development course enhanced Aaron’s employability and opened doors to new opportunities. Business professionals frequently inquired about his experience in the course and his progress with Shuttle Tracker. The course challenged him, requiring him to learn extensively about a subject he had previously known little about. However, Aaron embraced the challenges and saw them as stepping stones toward achieving his goals.

Beyond the classroom, Shuttle Tracker gained recognition, and a feature article about the app was published in LOGOS, UIW’s student newspaper. Although he aimed to keep the app relatively low-key until its completion and availability on the App Store, the article sparked interest and potential demand for the app within the UIW community.

Aaron’s educational journey at UIW gave him the skills, knowledge, and passion to embark on his entrepreneurial and technological endeavors. While his studies laid a solid foundation, his real-world experiences and passion for innovation propelled him toward his goal of making a lasting impact in the world of app development. Even after graduation, Aaron continued to pursue the development of Shuttle Tracker. He remained committed to pushing boundaries, embracing persistence, and working toward his vision of changing the world—one line of code at a time.

Unfortunately, despite Aaron’s passion and dedication, Shuttle Tracker was never officially released to the public. Working alone presented numerous challenges that ultimately hindered the completion of the app. This experience taught Aaron a valuable lesson—that failure can be the greatest teacher. Not every idea is destined for success, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, the inability to see Shuttle Tracker through to completion remains one of Aaron’s deepest regrets.

Following the publication of the news story about Shuttle Tracker in LOGOS, similar apps began to emerge in various locations across the United States. Aaron’s desire was for the app to be uniquely his own creation. Often, inventors find that their initial idea doesn’t make it into the final product; someone else brings a similar concept to fruition. Nevertheless, the origin of the idea will always reside with Aaron—a testament to his creativity and ingenuity.

While the journey with Shuttle Tracker may have ended prematurely, Aaron recognizes the valuable lessons he gained from the experience. Failure taught him resilience, adaptability, and the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges. It fueled his determination to continue exploring new ideas and projects, undeterred by setbacks.

The entrepreneurial spirit within Aaron remains vibrant and resilient. He continues to seek opportunities to develop innovative solutions and contribute to the ever-evolving world of technology. Although Shuttle Tracker may have faded into the background, the lessons learned and the passion it ignited within Aaron continue to shape his journey as an entrepreneur and app developer. His unwavering commitment to creativity and the pursuit of meaningful contributions will undoubtedly lead him to new and exciting endeavors in the future.

Early Career

While at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), Aaron Garcia took on various roles showcasing his talents and passion for technology. As a Mac Lab Assistant, he provided crucial support to students and faculty, ensuring the smooth operation of a 21-computer lab. Aaron dedicated ten hours each week to assisting others and building a reputation for excellence and commitment for three years and ten months.

Working closely with students, Aaron played an instrumental role in helping them develop their portfolio websites using WordPress. He offered guidance and support, ensuring their work reflected the highest quality standards. Beyond his regular responsibilities, Aaron went above and beyond to assist students, often extending his working hours to accommodate their needs.

Through his work as a Mac Lab Assistant, Aaron refined his skills in troubleshooting, software installation, and hardware maintenance. His passion for technology was evident in his continuous pursuit of knowledge and eagerness to share his expertise with others. His dedication and commitment to his role earned him the respect and admiration of those he worked with.

Aaron’s time as a Mac Lab Assistant at UIW provided him with valuable experience in a technical support role and allowed him to contribute to the academic success of his peers. His proven track record of success and unwavering passion for technology makes him a valuable asset to any organization needing a skilled and dedicated Mac Lab Assistant.

In addition to his role as a Mac Lab Assistant, Aaron Garcia embarked on a journey as a versatile freelancer, establishing himself as a self-employed professional in various creative fields. From June 2009 to December 2016, spanning over seven years, he honed his photography, video editing, website building, and computer consulting expertise.

Aaron’s freelance portfolio boasts an impressive array of completed projects for esteemed clients such as Caleb Custom Homes, Community Bible Church Northwest, Castle Hills First Baptist Church, The Movement Church of San Antonio, ITSA, Ray’s Drive Inn, as well as numerous peers, professors, and wedding clients. Known for his commitment to excellence and reliability, Aaron consistently delivered high-quality results that surpassed client expectations.

His video production and editing skills, utilizing software like Final Cut Pro, allowed him to create captivating visual narratives and promotional content. Whether capturing the perfect shot, crafting engaging videos, building aesthetically pleasing and functional websites, or providing expert IT support, Aaron’s collaborative mindset and strong communication skills enabled him to understand his client’s unique needs and offer tailored solutions aligned with their business objectives.

During his freelance career, Aaron also took on the role of Online Marketing Manager at Alamo City Golf Trail from April 2014 to November 2016. He demonstrated his expertise in digital marketing strategies in this position, utilizing his deep understanding of user behavior and market trends. Aaron led the complete website redesign, enhancing user experience and driving increased engagement and conversions. He effectively leveraged social media platforms to promote golf and create additional revenue streams across multiple departments. His video productions showcased membership sales for golf instruction, groups, organizations, and golf-related content. Through a holistic marketing approach involving print, online, and word-of-mouth advertising, Aaron organically grew the online marketing database from 19,000 to 36,000 in just two years.

His technical skills, marketing acumen, and attention to detail made Aaron a valuable asset in preserving brand integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction. His ability to collaborate with developers, advertisers, and production managers allowed him to effectively market products and services while coordinating the creation of art and graphics for impactful merchandising.

Furthermore, Aaron’s professional experience includes working as a Production Assistant at KABB FOX 29 News for four months in 2014. In this role, he demonstrated his proficiency in various aspects of production, including studio camera operation, lighting, teleprompter operation, and live remote production assistance. His skills in electronic field production, non-linear AVID editing, and video shooting enabled him to contribute to news video production when needed. Aaron’s attention to detail and strong work ethic ensured the highest quality standards for every production.

Earlier in his career, Aaron served as the Digital Media Coordinator for the Valero Alamo Bowl from March 2012 to May 2013. In this role, he played a vital part in shaping the digital media landscape of the renowned college football bowl game. Through his creative vision, Aaron selected cutting-edge hardware and software to produce high-quality videos that garnered thousands of views online. He contributed to successful marketing campaigns and elevated the Valero Alamo Bowl’s profile by leveraging digital platforms, editing videos, and coordinating the creation of engaging content.

Aaron’s early career experiences have equipped him with a diverse skill set, allowing him to excel in various roles across the creative and technological realms. His dedication to delivering exceptional results and his passion for digital media and technology continue to drive his professional pursuits.


Aaron Garcia’s family history is deeply intertwined with the rich tapestry of San Antonio’s past. His ancestry can be traced back to the brave and pioneering Canary Islanders who played a vital role in the early settlement of the city. On March 9th, 1731, at 11:30 AM, 56 Canary Islanders, including Aaron’s ancestors, were met by the families and soldiers of the Presidio San Antonio de Béxar, marking a momentous occasion in the region’s history.

As the Isleños, Aaron’s ancestors embarked on a new chapter in their lives, leaving behind their homeland in the Canary Islands to establish a Spanish chartered civil settlement in Texas. With the support of the Spanish king, they were provided with the essential resources needed to adapt to their new surroundings. Horses, cattle, sheep, utensils, and more were provided, enabling them to attain and maintain their new lifestyle in the vicinity of the Presidio and the nearby five missions.

The Isleños, including Aaron’s family, settled into their new environment, forming a vibrant community centered around their faith and the Spanish law. The church served as the heart of their settlement, with an open plaza and houses forming a square around it. This well-organized layout fostered a sense of unity and community among the Isleños as they built their lives and contributed to the growth of San Antonio.

Through the generations, Aaron’s family carried the proud heritage of the Canary Islanders and their contributions to the development of San Antonio. They held strong ties to the region’s history, with their roots reaching back to the early settlers and their perseverance in adapting to a new land. Their courage and determination were further evident during the Texas Revolution when they actively participated in pivotal events.

During the Battle of the Alamo, Aaron’s ancestors carried messages to General Sam Houston, urgently seeking reinforcements. Their dedication and bravery in the face of adversity demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom. They later fought alongside General Sam Houston’s army during the Battle of San Jacinto, contributing to the Texian forces’ eventual victory and securing Texas’ independence from Mexico.

Aaron’s family history reflects the spirit of resilience, courage, and a deep-rooted connection to the history and heritage of San Antonio. The legacy of the Canary Islanders, their participation in the city’s early settlement, and their active role in the fight for Texas independence have left an indelible mark on Aaron’s family and the community as a whole.

With a profound appreciation for his ancestral roots, Aaron carries the responsibility of preserving and honoring this rich family history. His connection to the early settlers and their enduring spirit serves as a constant reminder of the importance of heritage, cultural diversity, and the resilience of those who shaped the destiny of San Antonio.

Hill Country Honda

Aaron Garcia currently holds the position of Brand Director at Hill Country Honda, where he plays a crucial role in various aspects of the dealership’s operations with a strong focus on leveraging technology and digital platforms. As the Brand Director, Aaron’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of functions, all aimed at promoting the dealership both online and on social media.

Recognizing the potential for digital transformation, Aaron believes in the power of technology to streamline business processes and enhance customer experiences. With a vision for a paperless, fast, and omnichannel future, he actively seeks opportunities to digitize and automate operations within the dealership.

One notable example of Aaron’s forward-thinking approach is the implementation of Slack Instant Messaging as a means to improve internal communication. While initial adoption presented challenges, Aaron effectively communicated the benefits of using the app, emphasizing the efficiency and convenience it offers compared to traditional methods of communication. By utilizing Slack, the team at Hill Country Honda can easily share links, digital files, pictures, messages, conduct VOIP calls, and receive social media notifications, fostering seamless collaboration and information dissemination throughout the organization, regardless of time or physical location.

In addition to his efforts in internal communication enhancement, Aaron has also launched a new blog,, which serves as a platform to chronicle dealership life and share Honda-related news. Through this blog, he aims to engage with the dealership’s audience, providing valuable insights, updates, and building a community around the Honda brand.

Aaron’s role as Brand Director at Hill Country Honda highlights his commitment to utilizing technology, digital marketing strategies, and innovative approaches to drive business growth and improve overall customer experience. With his focus on harnessing the power of digital platforms, he is dedicated to positioning Hill Country Honda as a forward-thinking dealership in the automotive industry.


Aaron Garcia is a YouTube content creator with 100 public videos and a total of 387,740 views on his channel. He starts each video with the greeting “Hello Internet,” establishing a consistent and recognizable introduction for his audience.

One of Aaron’s most popular videos, titled “Disney Plus Review,” has garnered 145,660 views. This video focuses on providing an overview and review of the highly anticipated Disney Plus streaming service. Aaron discusses the different tiers of the service, explores its user interface and features, and shares his excitement for popular shows and upcoming content. The video has received an impressive 92% positive feedback from viewers.

Another popular video on Aaron’s channel, with 72,125 views, is a review of the Surf By On monitor from Walmart. In this video, Aaron highlights the monitor’s affordability, features, and performance. He unboxes the monitor, assembles it onto the stand, and shares his initial impressions of the screen quality. Aaron encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the monitor and provides a link for purchasing it from Walmart.

Aaron’s most recent video, which has received 10k views in just one month, focuses on unboxing and assembling the Holiday Time T41 artificial Christmas tree from Walmart. He expresses his preference for artificial trees, demonstrates the assembly process, and shares his thoughts on the tree’s appearance and quality. Aaron concludes the video by encouraging viewers to embrace the holiday season and engage with his content.

Overall, Aaron Garcia’s YouTube channel offers a variety of content, including reviews, unboxings, and holiday-themed videos. With his consistent greeting and engaging presentation style, Aaron has built a loyal following and continues to provide valuable insights and recommendations to his audience.

Social Network

After a decade of nurturing a dream, Aaron Garcia accomplished a significant milestone on March 6, 2021—he finally launched his very own social network, For years, Aaron had envisioned creating a digital platform that would serve the vibrant city of San Antonio in a unique and meaningful way.

Driven by his passion for his community and his unwavering determination, Aaron dedicated countless hours to bring his vision to life. represents the culmination of his efforts, embodying the spirit, culture, and values of the city he loves.

Originally, launched as a Twitter alternative using the Mastodon platform. However, a dispute arose between Aaron and Mastodon’s founder regarding Aaron’s verification checkmark. Determined to maintain full control and independence, Aaron made the bold decision to relaunch as its own standalone network, emulating the user-friendly features of Facebook.

Despite facing challenges, Aaron filmed the official launch video while sitting on his sofa during a power outage. In the video, he expressed his belief that San Antonio should have its own local social network, one that promotes community causes, supports local businesses, and connects residents in a fun and engaging way. was designed to be a space free from political rants and explicit content, focusing instead on the things that unite the community. From celebrating the city’s iconic Puffy Tacos and the San Antonio Spurs to honoring the historical significance of the Alamo and the joy of Fiesta, the platform aims to foster a sense of togetherness while supporting local organizations.

Since its launch, has become a vibrant hub for residents to share their stories, connect with like-minded individuals, and showcase the unique talents and passions that make San Antonio special. Aaron’s vision of a digital platform that amplifies the voices of the community and strengthens local bonds is coming to fruition.

Onward into the future, Aaron Garcia and will continue to shape the digital narrative of San Antonio, empowering its residents and fostering a strong sense of community. Together, they are creating a lasting impact and building a brighter future for the city they call home.


Hosted by Aaron Garcia, “Off-Topic But Interesting” is a thought-provoking podcast that explores the importance of embracing progress and technology in education. Aaron shares his personal experience as an early adopter of bringing a laptop to class, advocating for the benefits of typing for note-taking. He criticizes resistant teachers who fail to recognize the positive impact of technology in our lives.

Throughout the podcast, Aaron praises the use of artificial intelligence, particularly highlighting Chat GPT, and commends students who utilize such tools. He emphasizes the need for professors to acknowledge technology’s potential to propel humanity forward. Aaron passionately advocates for the acceptance of new ideas, technological advancements, and the utilization of tools like calculators, online resources, and Wikipedia to enhance the learning experience.

Drawing from historical examples, Aaron highlights the significance of adopting new technology, referencing Abraham Lincoln’s innovative use of trains and telegraphs during the Civil War. He argues that progress and evolution are vital for survival and societal growth. While addressing concerns about laziness and misuse of technology, Aaron asserts that progress should aim to make life easier and more efficient.

Directly addressing educators, Aaron urges them to embrace technology and encourages students to explore and educate themselves about new technologies. He emphasizes the importance of trying new things, critical thinking, and making intelligent decisions. Aaron broadens the definition of technology beyond electronic devices, citing examples like advanced formulas in laundry detergent.

In conclusion, Aaron asserts that embracing progress and technology leads to more efficient task completion and a deeper understanding of interconnected information. He encourages his audience to click on hyperlinks, explore related ideas, and recognize the power of technology in expanding knowledge and improving lives.