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What Do You Call a Full Page of Zeros?

What Do You Call a Full Page of Zeros?

Aaron’s podcast episode covers various topics, starting with his discovery of a video titled “Zero to Absolute Infinity.” He explores the concept of big numbers and creates a spreadsheet to organize them. He mentions different number names like quadrillion, quintillion, and vigintillion, and observes a pattern when using scientific notation, where the zeros increase by three.

As Aaron delves deeper into extremely large numbers, he realizes that some are named after monsters and cubes. This leads him to ponder the process of naming numbers and whether he could name a number himself, specifically one with 7,338 zeros. He contemplates reaching out to prominent scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye for guidance.

During the podcast, Aaron also shares his interest in science and math, and his enthusiasm for discussing random topics to inspire his coworkers. He mentions the use of an artificial intelligence app called Lensa to create an avatar for the podcast cover, as he found it more appealing than a regular photo. He concludes the episode by thanking listeners and encouraging them to subscribe and support the channel.

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