Random Photos from my Camera Roll

If you’re wondering, the gray house in the middle is my favorite. I like how neat and proper this row of houses look. They’re very aesthetically appealing.

I forgot which community they are in. Kara and I viewed so many before deciding on house that we will eventually call home.

This burger was delicious. It had a short life. It was photographed and then mercilessly devoured nearly instantaneously.

Kara wanted to visit Elian, a ritzy development center with a hotel, restaurants, and luxury apartments. I’m glad that we got to experience it. It felt like I was in a European village.

At the time we went this area was completely empty. It felt as if a train would come eventually. Though the tracks remained solely for decoration.

Kara always eats so well. Very healthy choices.

I can only guess what I was having oh yes it was delicious but not as healthy.

I’ve gotten in the habit of photographing nearly every meal I consume. It’s like a journal of food. One day I’ll look back and remember most of the meals I ate. What a great food life I had!

I walked downtown some. It was nice to see the city in a different light; literally.

I don’t go to gas stations at night, because crime tends to be higher at that time or so I believe. But walking by this one was a unique experience. So well lit and empty.

My favorite sight was an empty Alamo at night. I remember seeing a postcard of a night Alamo photo. Now I know how it was taken.

This must be the oldest Walgreens in existence. Probably not, but it’s much older than any I’ve ever seen. I wonder what made them change from using black to red signs?

Ginger isn’t supposed to be on the couch, but she looks happy there.

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