7 Years of Dating and 8 Months of Marriage

Kara and I have officially been together for 7 years. And we have now been married for 8 months! The milestones are moving fast.

Kara planned my 30th birthday a few months after we got married. I’m glad she did. I hadn’t celebrated my birthday with a party in years!

She got me a burger cake and big 3 & 0 balloons to commemorate my milestone birthday.

Even though I’m 30, sometimes I relive some childhood playfulness! We had a really great time.

I don’t remember how we ended up at a craft store, but we did! And bought a couple canvases to paint on.

The experience of painting a canvas together was the best part.

We spent all night painting.

I think that’s why we painted coffee.

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By Aaron Garcia

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