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  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Photos

    Many apps and websites are popping up that utilize artificial intelligence to enhance photos with a single tap. Such apps include PhotoRoom, Lensa, Facetune, HotPot, removebg, and apps by Lighttricks (Lightleap, Photoleap, Videoleap, & Beatleap). The benefits of artificial intelligence over traditional photoshop editing methods include saving time, a lower learning curve, ease of use, […]

  • Lighten Up (A New Perspective) NFT

    I’ve published my first NFT! And fittingly, I used the image I created in 2011 that was featured in the Best of College Photography 2011. The NFT can be found here:

  • My Favorite Place in the World is La Cantera and the Rim

    In January of 2007, I was introduced to the Rim and La Cantera. I had never seen any place ritzier than here. Keep in mind I was a teenager, and it was very new. There is Stone Oak, Terrell Hills, Shavano Park, and Alamo Heights, but nothing beats La Cantera. That’s my humble opinion. Growing […]

  • The Return of Western Attire

    It’s been several years since I’ve worn western attire. I’ve had my Lucchese boots since I was 15; I’m now 30. I did wear them on many occasions with my everyday outfits, at formal events, and Sundays for church. But as time went on, I opted for a comfortable pair of slip Sketchers. Last night […]

  • My Life in Photos

    Photos are great because they freeze time and allow the moment to live for eternity. I’m incredibly fortunate to have over 100,000 pictures of my life that will enable me to appreciate my 30 years of existence fully. I remember when I first discovered wallets. Leather trifold wallets that had a pocket for your ID […]

  • I’ve Never Played Monopoly or Mastered Cooking

    Growing up as an only child, there were many board games that I have never played. Monopoly being one of them. My first exposure to the game was at a summer youth camp. It was for a church I attended as a youngster. I saw the paper money and was immediately attracted to it. However […]

  • Moon’s Daughter San Antonio

    Twenty floors above downtown San Antonio rests a plate of freshly tossed salad and a cool glass of iced-cold water. The view is serene. From this view, the world seems small. And all its cares, even smaller. The view of the city spanning out into the horizon reminds oneself their place in it. I opted […]

  • Random Photos from my Camera Roll

    If you’re wondering, the gray house in the middle is my favorite. I like how neat and proper this row of houses look. They’re very aesthetically appealing. I forgot which community they are in. Kara and I viewed so many before deciding on house that we will eventually call home. This burger was delicious. It […]

  • 7 Years of Dating and 8 Months of Marriage

    Kara and I have officially been together for 7 years. And we have now been married for 8 months! The milestones are moving fast. Kara planned my 30th birthday a few months after we got married. I’m glad she did. I hadn’t celebrated my birthday with a party in years! She got me a burger […]

  • So We’re Building a House

    It’s something we’ve always wanted. A home to call our own. Being me, I’m particular. I wanted a new construction home. There’s a lot of paperwork still pending, but hopefully we will be moving into this house next year. I was fortunate enough to photograph the progression of our future home early. I think these […]