So We’re Building a House

It’s something we’ve always wanted. A home to call our own. Being me, I’m particular. I wanted a new construction home.

There’s a lot of paperwork still pending, but hopefully we will be moving into this house next year.

I was fortunate enough to photograph the progression of our future home early. I think these photos will make for great historical content.

I noticed the frame went up quickly. When looking at the scenes above with piles of wood everywhere, I couldn’t imagine how it would all come together, but it did! And very fast!

I’ve found myself watching Matt Bangs Wood on YouTube a lot, so that I could understand what it takes to build a new house. It’s an incredible process. I just want to experience every moment of it.

Since I check on the house every week, I miss out on the actual building process. So I watch YouTube to see what that part would have been like.

I noticed the whole block is being assembled in stages. Stage 1 from what I observed was the foundation being poured. Obviously there was some land clearing and the streets being paved, but I didn’t witness that. I came in much later.

Stage 2 is framing. Stage 3 is putting up the paper sheets (I forgot what they’re called).

I checked out some similar houses in the neighborhood to get an idea of what our house would look like when further along. I’m super excited! I just can’t get enough of this stuff!

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