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I’m Attempting to Limit Social Media

I launched my social network earlier this year after using an alternative social network for several months.

The experience helped me slow my mainstream social media use and experience an advertising and political news-free environment.

This month I shut down my social network to save money. But I’m considering reopening a variant of it again later. I’m focusing on my blog, which has been neglected for quite a while.

Kara sent me some more photos of me while in Austin. A blog isn’t as quick and easy to post as a Tweet, but I’m exploring a transition to posting here.

I feel like a blog requires lots of proofreading and a considerable content length. Perhaps this isn’t the case.

I enjoy posting photos, but I do not always write about them.

Earlier I wanted to post this photo of my steak at Outback, but it feels weird to post a picture of a steak. I still need a title for it. Microblogging and Instagram are better when I want to post a photo.

Since I’m blogging, I might mention the Cowboys’ surprise victory over the Patriots. I started watching at the end of the game. I was concerned the Cowboys would lose, but I had hope deep down that they would turn it around for a win. It was a very close game.

I respect both teams, but the Cowboys are my home team. I don’t live in Dallas, but everyone in San Antonio is a Cowboys fan. Unless they’re weird and favor the Texans over the Cowboys, I guess that’s fair if they do, but whatever.

The play that won the game reminded me of Drew Brees’ Alamo Bowl pass when he was in college. I don’t watch football enough to confirm if it was similar, but it did remind me of it. I imagine certain plays are so good they’ll almost work whenever you need them, assuming you can catch the ball.

I hope the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl. If they keep their winning streak up, I might start watching. I have a lot to catch up on!