Moon’s Daughter San Antonio

Twenty floors above downtown San Antonio rests a plate of freshly tossed salad and a cool glass of iced-cold water.

The view is serene.

From this view, the world seems small. And all its cares, even smaller.

The view of the city spanning out into the horizon reminds oneself their place in it.

I opted for a burger. Which I found very delicious. There are small tables, but they’re not really intended for serious eating.

Still I managed.

The restaurant sits on the top floor of the Thompson Hotel. A place where you can lounge for an extended period and take in the view. Great for a seemingly secluded conversation whilst staring at a quiet city.

True, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re surrounded by people. This is a popular spot after all with limited space. But, everyone keeps to themselves. The views and conversation are enough to keep everyone in their own world.

Reservations are needed to guarantee your spot. And time is limited to give others a chance. Even so, it’s for an extended period so that you’ll feel quite satisfied before needing to be prompted to leave.

From this height the maze of streets seem incredibly easy to navigate. If you’re one to get lost downtown, this vantage point makes it difficult to imagine how you ever did.

Even with a time limit, we enjoyed 2 hours. With our meal completely finished I took many photos in both daylight and twilight.

Eventually this adventure had to end. Once on the ground I was reminded how easy it is to become lost looking for our parked car.

We opted for a virtually empty parking garage. I would like to go again. Perhaps next time we will have the opportunity to sit with a different view.

Even the same view would never get old.

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