I’ve Never Played Monopoly or Mastered Cooking

Growing up as an only child, there were many board games that I have never played. Monopoly being one of them.

My first exposure to the game was at a summer youth camp. It was for a church I attended as a youngster. I saw the paper money and was immediately attracted to it. However the other kids declined to play it because they said it was boring.

Decades later I got the itch to buy the board game and play with my wife and any friends who visited us.

I found it to be quite enjoyable the first time. Because I made up the rules as we went along and I nearly won.

Despite not having much experience counting cash, I volunteered to be the banker. This was very comical for all of us as I realized I have been spoiled by the ease of ApplePay.

In fact, I think the makers of Monopoly should make an ApplePay equivalent to make the game more accessible to the modern generation.

In other news, Kara has mastered the art of baked salmon. It’s one of my favorite dishes.

It’s so delicious! Very juicy, tender, and tasty! It’s fresh from H-E-B. Shameless plug! I don’t even work there.

My other favorite dish Kara makes is stir fry. She’s an incredible cook!

I’m still at the microwave and air fryer stage. But she’s mastered a full range of scrumptious dishes.

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