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Thank You, T-Mobile! Unboxing Apple iPhone 12 & Apple Watch SE from VP Jon Freier Twitter Prize

Thank you, T-Mobile and Jon Freier, for selecting Kara and Aaron to win 2 iPhone 12 (red and blue) phones and 2 Apple Watch SE (black and rose gold) smartwatches. T-Mobile has impressive customer service, and we are honored to be selected as winners this past Valentine’s Day 2021, the same day Kara and Aaron were married! Our cameras started losing battery so we will unbox the Apple Watches in an upcoming video!

Thank you, T-Mobile and Jon Freier, for selecting Kara and me to win 2 iPhone 12′ and 2 Apple Watch SE’. Jon was giving out this prize to 4 couples for Valentine’s Day, and we won!

Kara and I had just gotten married a few hours before the announcement on Jon’s Twitter account. A wonderful wedding gift for a rough wedding week, Texas experienced an unusual snowstorm that made the whole state lose power and water for days.

The iPhone 12 is a significant upgrade to Kara’s iPhone 7 and my iPhone 8. Removing the home button takes a little getting used to, but it is likely for the best as it allows for a larger screen size. The facial recognition feature is incredibly accurate though it was released before COVID-19 required facemasks.

With the new iPhone 12, we can experience 5G on T-Mobile’s incredible network. I was amazed by how many 5G towers were already available. T-Mobile moved fast on building a 5G network in San Antonio, TX, and I’m thankful for it.

Why We Love T-Mobile

Before winning this fantastic prize that will make us Team Magenta forever, we switched from AT&T over price, and I was particularly inspired by what former CEO John Legere was about.

John passionately believed in putting Customers and Employees first. He spent many nights listening to customer service calls and listening for pain points; he heard and acted and made T-Mobile a great company. He is an inspiration to transform a company about to be sold to AT&T into one that can buy out Sprint.

I’ve bookmarked my favorite speech about how important it is to take care of customers and employees; simple concept but hard to execute. It takes commitment and partnership; the companies that successfully do this are different and stand out.

I had watched John for years, and while I agreed with his actions, it took time to draw me back. When I gave T-Mobile a chance, I was pleasantly surprised that customer service was excellent and modern.

He began a movement. I see an army of T-Mobile employees Magenta clad on Twitter, all being helpful and active in the online community, and I must say I am impressed.

T-Mobile’s pricing structure is what you see, what you get. I appreciate that. If two lines on their website are $120, when I get my bill, it will also be $120. Taxes and fees are included in their pricing model, which all companies should strive to do as it helps customers budget.