My Favorite Place in the World is La Cantera and the Rim

In January of 2007, I was introduced to the Rim and La Cantera. I had never seen any place ritzier than here. Keep in mind I was a teenager, and it was very new.

There is Stone Oak, Terrell Hills, Shavano Park, and Alamo Heights, but nothing beats La Cantera. That’s my humble opinion.

Growing up, the La Cantera/Rim side of town was new and exciting. It still is, though it’s not as new. It’s about as old as I was when I first discovered it.

When the opportunity came to live in my childhood paradise, I took it without hesitation.

I can’t stress how much I loved this area as a kid! I think that’s why it means so much to me. Whatever you idealize as a child really leaves an impression. I could visit cooler places today, but they won’t have the same impact as when I was younger.

In the 8 months of living here, my wife and I have tried to make the most of it. We knew it was never a long-term thing. And for me, it was my childhood dream.

We visited many of the attractions here, but not all. I wish we had gone to Fiesta Texas; it’s so close to us. It’s never been closer!

We did visit the new Andretti’s. Before moving here, I had never heard of it.

During COVID-19, everything was mostly empty. Perfect for our own little getaway.

We enjoyed scrumptious meals. And of course great company as newlyweds.

I may never know who was behind creating this special place for San Antonio to enjoy, but I want whoever it is to know I really liked it.

I suppose it’s a lot like seeing a Ferrari F40 as a child while playing video games, and then you get the opportunity to drive one as an adult. It just brings back all kinds of positive emotions!

Some dream of going to Paris, but for me, I’ve already lived at my favorite spot on the planet. Though it is brief, I will always remember my first year of marriage spent here.

Our friends were very helpful in helping us move in. These will be great memories in the future.

I remember when Paul offered to help me assemble the rolling island, I was very grateful. It seemed like a big project, and it was. It took several hours.

It was a great learning experience for me. I had never used so many tools before. I never really had to. But with all the new furniture came a lot of assemblies. There’s a first time for everything.

Kara came home to a completed rolling island. Each night I was working on a new project. I remember thinking this would be the most daunting along with the TV stand, even though I had done one of those before.

I imagine if I worked at IKEA and assembled showroom model furniture every day, it would get easier. Staring at instructions while a mess of parts lays all around you just before bedtime isn’t the most fun experience. But when you have friends along for the journey, it feels like we can accomplish any project.

A coworker asked me if I liked where I lived and if the traffic was bad. I hadn’t experienced the awful traffic because COVID-19 had everything closed when we first moved in.

And I was rarely out at heavy traffic times.

Well, eventually, I experienced an hour of traffic crossing two lights. And we had groceries in the trunk.

I could see this being an awful drag if it became a daily thing. But most days I don’t experience bad traffic.

Most days, the road is nearly empty.

It’s just been a lot more traffic lately. I guess this is what back to normal looks like. I’m starting to remember that’s how it was when I was younger.

And I get it. The firework shows are just spectacular! Everyone wants to see them.

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