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COVID-19 Cases Drop and San Antonio Decreases Risk to Moderate

The endless talk about COVID-19 pushed me to tune out the news for a bit. For a while, I was reading it every day, but it filled me with worry as I’m sure many others feel.

The last time I checked the City of San Antonio’s COVID-19 risk assessment, we were between critical and severe. Now we are at a comfortable moderate.

I’m ready for life to return to normal. The concern over an impending pandemic has stolen much of 2020 from us. Time with family during Easter, Fiesta was canceled, birthdays were celebrated at home, and no time at the beach. This is no way to live.

We had to, though. At least from what I know and what I hear, we had to prevent a deadly virus from spreading. It may not have affected me directly, but we don’t want anyone to fall victim to it.

Even so, how many weddings were held in backyards this year? Graduations were in parking lots. Games canceled. So much of our year was taken from us. Perhaps we’ll appreciate what was lost more when allowed to return to normal?

Even when we do return to normal, there will be a new normal. COVID-19 did help me avoid getting sick this year. I wore a mask everywhere and stayed away from people. Every other year it seemed I came down with something. I don’t miss coughing and sneezing at all hours of the night. So, to some degree, masks are an excellent thing to keep around.

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The move to remote online meetings is also welcomed.

Black Friday will likely be online this year if it is held at all. We were moving in that direction anyway. This is not saying that I don’t miss going to the store and seeing all the new laptops on display, because I certainly do.

But, if I am going to buy something, I can just as quickly buy online. That’s the change—the move to online.