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[Blank Space] feat. Chris Crooks

Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia
[Blank Space] feat. Chris Crooks

Welcome to the podcast hosted by Aaron Garcia and featuring Chris Crooks. In this episode, Aaron shares an intriguing idea about creating a movie based on dreams, aiming to share the extraordinary experience with others. He delves into the fascinating nature of dreams, highlighting their lack of titles, intros, and definitive endings, making them a unique and often perplexing phenomenon. Chris recounts a dream he had, where the Cowboys triumphed in the Super Bowl, only to be abruptly interrupted before the thrilling climax, leaving him longing for the satisfaction of a dream realized.

Passionate about the Cowboys, Chris expresses his unwavering support for the team, emphasizing that their success on the field is not the sole measure of their greatness. With a devoted fan base and an iconic brand, the Cowboys have transcended mere victories, earning the admiration and love of fans like Aaron. He even muses on the idea that the Cowboys’ pride and reputation outweigh the need for consistent wins, making them an enduring symbol in the world of sports.

Exploring the realm of dreams further, Aaron contemplates the possibility of recording and visualizing these subconscious experiences. While recognizing the challenges of capturing dreams’ ephemeral nature, he ponders the potential for advancements in technology that could allow us to preserve and share the visual effects and narratives of our dreams, enabling others to partake in the wonder and enigma of these nocturnal adventures.

Shifting gears, Aaron shares his thoughts on podcasts and their power to foster engaging and passionate conversations. He reflects on the spontaneity and depth of conversations we have with friends, those unrecorded moments that often carry the most genuine and captivating exchanges. Aaron reveals his approach to podcasting, seeking to curate content that captivates listeners from the very start, cutting out less compelling segments to focus on the heart of the discussion. He also invites listeners to participate by sending in their own audio recordings, creating an interactive and inclusive space within the podcast.

Drawing parallels between Christopher Columbus’s journey to the New World and the prospect of space travel to Mars, Aaron envisions a future where Mars becomes a thriving city akin to our modern metropolises. Taking into account the advancements in technology and knowledge we possess today, he predicts that within 150-215 years, Mars could evolve into a fully developed civilization. Aaron emphasizes the importance of establishing ecosystems and terraforming Mars, acknowledging the need to overcome challenges to create a habitable environment for future settlers.

Thank you for joining Aaron Garcia and Chris Crooks on this thought-provoking podcast episode, where dreams, football, space travel, and the future collide. Don’t forget to click the link provided to share your own audio recordings and be a part of the next exciting conversation.

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