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Mars Will Be Populated With Cities by 2402

The Romans founded London as Londinium in 43 AD. 

Christopher Columbus discovered “The New World” in 1492. The site for New York City was founded in 1624 by the Dutch West India Company as a fur trading outpost 132 years later. 

In 1925, New York City’s population caught up to London’s. It took 433 years. In contrast, it took London 1,883 years to reach this population. 

Based on this trend, it is reasonable to believe that in 433 years or less, there will be a reasonably sized population living full-time on Mars.

Christopher Columbus was unaware of his destination. We at least know Mars exists. If we mark our discovery point as the 1969 moon landing, it is reasonable to believe that by the year 2402, Mars should be well populated. 

Furthermore, if 1969 were our starting point, 2101 would be a reasonable objective to colonize Mars with a full-time population. 

Wild to think about. But the future is more fantastic than showing a Pharoah an electric car with Apple CarPlay. With enough time, civilization should progress despite setbacks, such as the Roman empire collapsing and thrusting the world into the Dark Ages. 






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