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Day Trip to Austin

We recently visited downtown Austin for a Taco shop and a pumpkin patch. While in Austin, we walked a portion of 6th street and called Whole Foods.

I enjoy photographing Austin’s skyscrapers. It’s hard to imagine how expensive they must be to build. They, indeed, are works of art.

This is my favorite photo of downtown Austin. I like how the picture is framed and that the streets are momentarily empty. I captured this photo while walking. I didn’t pause long to take the photo, so I’m impressed that it came out well. The iPhone camera has improved over the years to take rapid shots while in motion without blurring.

This photo was taken in the car. I don’t see that much reflection from the windshield, which I’m happy about.

This is Taquero Mucho. It’s an all-pink building hidden away on 6th street. Parking is limited, and the wait is 45 minutes. It has many Instagram selfie stations which further promote the business. Kara discovered this place on Instagram, and shortly after posting, others commented that they had been there.

This is the food. They take the pink theme all the way through. The corn tortillas were dyed pink.

We both love photography. I happen to make Kara my subject. I like it when she’s in the moment. I have to be quick, though!

Kara loves profile photos.

The main attraction is a pumpkin farm. The lines of cars driving in reminded me of Fiesta Texas traffic.

I could tell this was a well-funded event.

There were some massive pumpkins at the Pumpkin Nights event, but I believe the ones behind us are artificial. I’m glad there was a staff member posted here to take free photos of visitors using their phones. I probably should have handed her my camera.

This one is likely real! It’s huge!

The Farm had lots of old houses and buildings. Most were empty. I thought they had been transported here for a Halloween show, but after closer inspection, I noticed renovations taking place inside. Perhaps they plan to make a small historical town for visitors to experience all year round?

When I read this, that’s when I knew there was a plan to make this into a historical attraction.

There was some dancehall with string lights. It has a lovely rustic feel.

Even a smiling blacksmith was eager to teach all who would listen about the craft.

Attention spans did prove to be short, though, especially among adults. It is about city folks having a fast-paced lifestyle and trying to pack everything into one night. I noticed the same fast-paced rush at an art museum we visited. A couple said they had to rush off to do many more things with their day. The docent seemed lonely, but that’s another story for another blog!

We came for photos with pumpkins, and we did it!

I am always representing Hill Country Honda wherever I go!

The time to go came quickly. It was getting dark, and we had a long drive home awaiting us. But I couldn’t leave without photographing some longhorns grazing.






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