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Unboxing Xbox Series S & Playing Halo CE

I overpaid on Amazon for what I thought was the Xbox One S. I then canceled and ordered from Microsoft; I learned this was the new Xbox Series S.

It is a little confusing, but there are a few consoles out there Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The Series in the name is the new generation of consoles, but they seem to be very similar to my original Xbox One.

I like that the new console supports 4K resolution and uses an SSD hard drive.

It is incompatible with the Kinect, which I used as my primary microphone. I wouldn’t say I like wearing a headset. It’s nice when everyone in the room can hear at the party. I thought it was rare that have others in the room playing.

The new Xbox Series S & X support Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, except those requiring the Kinect. Since I never bought any Kinect games, I won’t miss anything.