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Song of the Month

Introducing Song of the Month:

Song of the Month is a personally curated collection of my favorite songs, carefully chosen each month based on their exceptional replay value, memorable qualities, and the undeniable “wow” factor they possess. This selection is entirely subjective, as it reflects my personal taste in music, rather than conforming to national trends or prominent chart rankings. While some of the songs may have been released several years ago, if they are newly discovered by me, they become eligible for inclusion in the corresponding month.

Over the past 17 years, starting from December 2006, I have faithfully maintained this list, cherishing the songs that have resonated with me on a profound level. However, due to the limited number of months in a year, there have been numerous noteworthy songs that, although deserving, did not make the final cut. To address this, I aspire to create a dedicated page featuring honorable mentions and a compilation of the top songs from each year and even the entire decade, commemorating the musical gems that have graced my ears throughout this journey.

Song of the Month is a testament to my enduring passion for music and serves as a personal chronicle of the songs that have enriched my life over the years. It is a celebration of the artistry, emotion, and impact that music can have, as well as an acknowledgment of the timeless nature of great songs that continue to captivate and inspire us, transcending the constraints of time and popularity.


JanuaryBetter MomentsJoywave
FebruaryCenturiesFall Out Boy
MarchKnock KnockVinyl Theatre
AprilIt’s a Trip!Joywave


In an exciting update to the Song of the Month tradition, a recent change in rules has been implemented to allow previously overlooked favorite songs to have a chance at redemption. Starting in 2022, songs that have been played extensively during the chosen month can now be entered, even if they didn’t make the list in previous years. This rule adjustment recognizes the undeniable impact and significance that these songs hold, warranting their inclusion despite initial omissions.

Thanks to this rule change, we have witnessed the emergence of remarkable tracks that had previously been overshadowed by other exceptional songs during their respective discovery months. Among the notable beneficiaries of this revision are “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling, “Two Sides” by Hembree, and “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic. These highly memorable compositions, with their captivating melodies and exceptional artistry, have finally found their rightful place among the ranks of the Song of the Month list.

These songs stand as a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of musical appreciation. While they may have initially missed the opportunity to be recognized, they have now been given a chance to shine alongside the other great songs that have graced the list. This change allows us to celebrate the rich diversity of musical experiences and ensures that no extraordinary song goes unnoticed in the long run.

JanuaryShe’s on Fire3 One Oh
FebruaryCrystallizeLindsey Stirling
MarchTwo SidesHembree
AprilLove Runs OutOneRepublic
MayMe, Myself, and HollywoodCirca Waves
JuneAll Comes CrashingMetric
Julythe hard waySwitchfoot
AugustCan’t Take AwayJeremy Camp
SeptemberNo LimitsZayde Wolf
OctoberSwamp ThingPegboard Nerds
NovemberHere For You (feat. Q’AILA)Pixl
December Hot ThoughtsSpoon


2021 is the year of recovery from 2020. In March, businesses were allowed to reopen, and a return to normal is on the horizon. OVERWERK continues to reappear on the list year after year, similar to how Faded Paper Figures dominated the list in the past.

JanuaryEndless SummerAbsofacto
FebruaryMy TypeSaint Motel
AprilDance Monkey
(Saxophone Version)
Fernando Bussetti
MaySmall Talk 2.0Faded Paper Figures
AugustThe OverpassPanic! At the Disco
OctoberA New AdventureJJD & Molly Ann
NovemberAnother’s ArmsColdplay
December HushThe Marías


Only midway through the new year in the new decade, the most memorable song is Bangarang by Skrillex. When it was first released, I had heard this song before but never had it on repeat in my music library. So while it is a rediscovery, it feels like a discovery.

The xx also appears in my top picks as I discovered “I Dare You” while listening to Apple Radio. Joywave returns to my list for the second year in a row.

2020 was the worst year for most of the world as COVID-19 restrictions rocked the economy, political tensions escalated, and uncertainty kept us jarred every moment. My music selection suffered low play counts, and I almost forgot to track this year after May 2020.

JanuaryChurchJacques Lu Cont
FebruaryFade AwayVinyl Theatre
MarchI Dare YouThe xx
AprilBangarang (feat. Sirah)Skrillex
MayGolden StateJoywave
JuneI Just Wanna ShineFitz and The Tantrums
JulyComing Up ShortBloxx
AugustWicked GameEC Twins & Mina Tobias
SeptemberFeel It StillRevelries & Henri Purnell
OctoberWalk AwayThe Jacks
NovemberHeart-Shaped BoxTribe Society
DecemberPerfect PeopleCourtship


2019 is midway through, and it’s too early to declare a top song, but so far, it’s been a solid year. It’s the first time since 2013 that I am exploring several new bands that I’m impressed by. Stay tuned for updates.

Switchfoot, OVERWERK, and Echosmith reappear in 2019’s sections, along with new artists like Alice Merton and Joywave.

JanuaryCry for YouSeptember
FebruaryNative TongueSwitchfoot
MarchOver My HeadEchosmith
AprilReflect (Alt)OVERWERK
MayNo RootsAlice Merton
JuneLos AgelessSt. Vincent
JulyTongues (feat. Kopps)Joywave
SeptemberStars (Acoustic)Switchfoot
OctoberOnly Way Is DownJohn Lingard
DecemberHoly WaterHembree


2018 is a year of old and new. Bands I had followed since the beginning appears in this year’s selections alongside new favorites. A solid year for music. The choice is hard yet again.

The top song for 2018 is “Bridges Burn” by NEEDTOBREATHE. Bring an old favorite band back to the top.

JanuaryPsychotic GirlThe Black Keys
MarchBelieverImagine Dragons
AprilSo GoodWarpaint
MayCool KidsEchosmith
JulyA GrooveKisses
SeptemberAnimalMiike Snow
OctoberTime MachineCoin
(Dark Sky Remix)
The xx
DecemberVoice in the SilenceMUTEMATH


2017 pulls me back out of the the music deficit. With fresh sounds and another candidate for the song of the decade.

Top song for 2017 is “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys, giving a challenge to my now old favorite, Faded Paper Figures (which managed to appear in my list for 6 years).

JanuaryDance to ItTut Tut Child
FebruaryBad Machine (feat. Insomnia)Nostalgia & Aami
MarchHalf AgeWeval
AprilEveryday is Saturdaypronobozo
MayAngels (feat. Kat Nestel) [Radio Edit]Vicetone
JuneLove is MysticalCold War Kids
JulyAdventure of a LifetimeColdplay
AugustDo It Again Röyksopp & Robyn
SeptemberCrossing Out Faded Paper Figures
OctoberGold On the Ceiling The Black Keys
DecemberCarol of the BellsLindsey Stirling


Again in 2016 there was a musical drought where I repeated artists and picked multiple songs from the same album. Not that these weren’t great, I just prefer to have something unique for every month. Pulling from a previous month’s album selection isn’t what I had in mind when I started this list. Still this has a great selection and I believe this was a better method to filling in months than in the past.

Top pick for 2016 is “Conquer” by OVERWERK, proving that the newer digital music could challenge my old favorite NEEDTOBREATHE.

MarchFigure 8Ellie Goulding
AprilLick the RainbowMord Fustang
MayIf You WantMord Fustang
JulyFace Value (Extended Mix)Armin Van Buuren
AugustFar AwayWashed Out
SeptemberColours of ArpsEagles and Butterflies
OctoberHealer of SoulsSwitchfoot
DecemberDark EnergyFaded Paper Figures


2015 is another musical drought year. I found it hard to pick a song some months, because the new tracks I was listening to weren’t that exciting. Still I have several favorites. I fill many months with songs that should have received recognition in previous years, but never made it. Think of it as the year of honorable mentions.

Top song of 2015 is “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” by Ellie Goulding, because when I first heard the song on Pandora I thought it was the coolest sound I had ever heard.

JanuaryFive HoursDeorro
FebruaryFeeling So Blue (Extended Mix)Michael Mind Project
MarchLights (Bassnectar Remix)Ellie Goulding
AprilOutside (feat. Ellie Goulding)Calvin Harris
MaySooner or Later (Soren’s Song)Switchfoot
JuneThe Fatal WoundSwitchfoot
JulyBlast the NoiseS3RL
AugustFortune DaysThe Glitch Mob
SeptemberLeft Hand Freealt-J
OctoberPray to God (HAIM)Calvin Harris
NovemberInstigatorsGrace Potter
DecemberSome Chordsdeadmau5


2014 opens a little slow, I made some rushed picks and reran selections from older albums. But towards the end there are some real hits.

“Crystalized” by the xx should have been recognized in a previous year, but for some reason wasn’t, so here it is in 2014. This gives the new comers some competition as I believe Crystalize should be a top song. Also one of my own works appears in this list as I made a song for Kara, which reached a top 10 spot in my most played songs list.

The top song for 2014 is “Night Shift” by OVERWERK because when I think of 2014 I think of this song. Although, “Crystalized” by the xx will also be a candidate for top song of the decade.

JanuaryMammothDimitri Vegas, MOGUAI & Like Mike
FebruaryStrong (Original Mix)Kid Massive & Alex Sayz
AprilLouderKid Karate
MayTake Me OutFranz Ferdinand
JuneNight ShiftOVERWERK
JulyBlackout DaysPhantogram
AugustThe TheifRelient K
SeptemberNothing But TroublePhantogram
OctoberNeon (Instrumental)Aaron & Kara
NovemberCrystalizedThe xx


2013 gets me out of my music drought, with big hits that I still listen to on repeat to this day. Faded Paper Figures makes an appearance in this list too for the 4th consecutive year in a row.

Top song for 2013 is harder this year, but its definitely “If She Was Away” by Rebecca & Fiona. Even though May and June’s selections are really great songs. December wins!

JanuaryRobot High SchoolMy Robot Friend
FebruaryChange the WorldFinger Eleven
MarchMan on the MoonPhillip Phillips
AprilRoll the Dice – Original MixDimitri Vangelis & Wyman
MayCinema (feat. Gary Go)Benny Benassi
JuneCounting StarsOne Republic
JulyLittle NumbersBoy
AugustCross the Line (Instrumental Version)Camo & Krooked
SeptemberHoly SmokeFaded Paper Figures
OctoberBeam Me UpCazzette
NovemberFluteNew World Sound & Thomas Newson
DecemberIf She Was AwayRebecca & Fiona


2012 experiences the first musical drought after several progressively great musical years. Faded Paper Figures also appears in this year’s selections. Faded Paper Figures creates a dynasty in Song of the Month years, where each year since I first discovered them I pick a new favorite.

Top song for 2012 is “It Starts” by Alex Metric, surprisingly. While I love Faded Paper Figures, I picked another song from the same album I had been selecting from, so “It Starts” was fresh and a first choice song from Alex Metric as opposed to a third choice pick.

JanuaryLove You Like a Love SongSelena Gomez
FebruaryOn AutomaticAndy Hunter
MarchNow That I Have YouSalvador
AprilMillieBlue Mitchell
MayIt StartsAlex Metric
JuneToo CloseAlex Clare
JulyMoves Like JaggarMaroon 5
AugustExit CalypsanFalling Up
SeptemberYou Know What I MeanFaded Paper Figures
NovemberSnow (Hey Oh)Vitamin String Quartet
DecemberCrossfireBrandon Flowers


2011 was another solid Song of the Month year. No songs to regret. I would even say that my selections are getting even better.

My top pick for 2011 again goes to Faded Paper Figures, but I’m tied between “The Cold Wars” and “The Persuaded”.

MarchThe Cold WarsFaded Paper Figures
AprilFeel it in Your HeartAbandon
JuneIf OnlyKT Tunstall
JulyRadiateAndy Hunter
AugustThe PersuadedFaded Paper Figures
SeptemberCome OnAndy Hunter
OctoberDark HorsesSwitchfoot
NovemberOne MoreMUTEMATH
DecemberRise Above ItSwitchfoot


2010 was one of my best musical years. All of these are great. The competition is closer, especially with Faded Paper Figures, MUTEMATH and OneRepublic. Even TobyMac’s “Tonight” is incredibly memorable.

My top song for 2010 would have to be “New Medium” by Faded Paper Figures, even though “Small Talk” by Faded Paper Figures was the first song I ever heard from them. The entire New Medium album is great and I have several favorites that make it hard to pick one. This album made Faded Paper Figures my favorite band. Alongside NEEDTOBREATHE, Switchfoot, and MUTEMATH; Faded Paper Figures is in good company.

JanuaryMade for YouOneRepublic
(feat. John Cooper)
JuneSitting, Waiting, WishingJack Johnson
JulyProphets of UncertaintySalient
AugustThe AnchorThe Museum
SeptemberBorn AgainNewsboys
OctoberRadiateAndy Hunter
NovemberSmall TalkFaded Paper Figures
DecemberNew MediumFaded Paper Figures


2009 was the first year without any lazy selections I regret. For what was available to me at the time, I made good choices.

My top song for 2009 is “Prisoner” by NEEDTOBREATHE and its by a mile! This song is also a candidate for my top song of the decade.

JanuaryPeace of MindDecembeRadio
FebruaryTurn on the LightsSanctus Real
MarchThere Was Another Time in my LifeRelient K
MaySystem ErrorAndy Hunter
JuneO Praise Him (All This For A King) (Oceanic Mix)David Crowder Band
JulyI Wonder If It’s MeAbandon Kansas
OctoberLifelightAndy Hunter
NovemberBullet SoulSwitchfoot


Like the year before, 2008 is equally solid. I still approve of my selections, but I did choose the same song twice in April and October; one was the original version and the other was a remix.

The top song of 2008 is “Quit” by NEEDTOBREATHE, which held the #1 most played song in my iTunes library for years. Although, I have many other favorites from this year, including: “The Coldest Heart” by The Classic Crime and “We Could Run Away” by NEEDTOBREATHE.

JanuaryShadowplayThe Killers
FebruaryJenny was a Friend of MineThe Killers
MarchBroken Heart (Ghosts of Seaside)Falling Up
AprilCan You Feel It?David Crowder Band
JuneBeautiful DaySanctus Real
AugustYou Have What I NeedHawk Nelson
OctoberCan You Feel It? (Live)David Crowder Band
NovemberThe Coldest HeartThe Classic Crime
DecemberWe Could Run AwayNEEDTOBREATHE


2007 is the first canon year of Song of the Month. While “Made a Mistake” by Sugarcult was technically the first song, 2007 was the first full year. Since my music playlist is order from oldest to newest. These songs have received the most plays in my iTunes library.

Over 10 years later, these songs still stand up to the high standard I set for Song of the Month, except one. October’s pick was a rushed, because I was still playing the previous month’s songs on repeat and failed to find anything new worth honoring in October. I decided I couldn’t skip a month so I picked the only new song I had been listening to in that month. For years, I held a policy of only picking favorite songs that were actually favorites in that month. This policy was later nullified when I needed to fill musical recessions.

My top song for 2007 would have to be “New Season” by Building 429, because at the time and for many years afterwards I liked it more than any of the others. Although, “Which to Bury, Us Or the Hatchet” by Relient K has stood the test of time with me.

JanuaryRead My MindThe Killers
MarchSomewhere I BelongLinkin Park
AprilThe (After) Life Of The PartyFall Out Boy
MayRemember the NameFort Minor
JuneDead Man (Carry Me)Jars Of Clay
JulyWhich to Bury, Us Or The HatchetRelient K
AugustNew SeasonBuilding 429
SeptemberForgivenRelient K
OctoberJohn WooNewsboys
NovemberTop Of The WorldThe All-American Rejcts
DecemberIn PiecesLinkin Park


2006 is the year that I started my Song of the Month list. I played “Made a Mistake” by Sugarcult so much that I decided to keep a list of my favorite songs. This song became the standard to measure feature picks (very repeatable, memorable, and wow factor).

Originally, this song began the list with every song written afterwards chronologically. This tradition ended in August of 2019 when I decided to flip the list, putting the current year on top to prevent scrolling to bottom.

DecemberMade a MistakeSugarcult

Through the Decades

December 2006 – Made a Mistake – Sugarcult

July 2007 – Which to Bury, Us Or The Hatchet – Relient K
August 2007 – New Season – Building 429
September 2007 – Forgiven – Relient K

May 2008 – Quit – Needtobreathe
November 2008 – The Coldest Heart – The Classic Crime
December 2008 – We Could Run Away – Needtobreathe

August 2009 – Electrify – MuteMath
November 2009 – Bullet Soul – Switchfoot
December 2009 – Prisoner – Needtobreathe

January 2010 – Made for You – OneRepublic
May 2010 – Clipping – MuteMath
November 2010 – Small Talk – Faded Paper Figures

March 2011 – The Cold Wars – Faded Paper Figures
April 2011 – Feel It in Your Heart – Abandon
August 2011 – The Persuaded – Faded Paper Figures

May 2012 – It Starts – Alex Metric
June 2012 – Too Close – Alex Clare
October 2012 – Spaceman – Hardwell

May 2013 – Cinema (feat. Gary Go) – Benny Benassi
June 2013 – Counting Stars – OneRepublic
December 2013 – If She Was Away – Rebecca & Fiona

June 2014 – Night Shift – OVERWERK
July 2014 – Blackout Days – Phantogram
November 2014 – Crystalized – The XX

March 2015 – Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding
August 2015 – Fortune Days – The Glitch Mob
November 2015 – Instigators – Grace Potter

January 2016 – Conquer – OVERWERK
March 2016 – Figure 8 – Ellie Goulding
June 2016 – Money & Fame – Needtobreathe

June 2017 – Love is Mystical – Cold War Kids
September 2017 – Crossing Out – Faded Paper Figures
October 2017 – Gold On the Ceiling – Needtobreathe

February 2018 – War – MuteMath
May 2018 – Cool Kids – Echosmith
August 2018 – Bridges Burn – Needtobreathe

February 2019 – Native Tongue – Switchfoot
May 2019 – No Roots – Alice Merton
July 2019 – Tongues (feat. Kopps) Joywave

April 2020 – Bangarang (feat. Sirah) – Skrillex
September 2020 – Feel It Still – Revelries & Henri Purnell
October 2020 – Walk Away – The Jacks

June 2021 – Anthology – OVERWERK
August 2021 – The Overpass – Panic! At the Disco
September 2021 – Parallel – OVERWERK

September 2022 – No Limits – Zayde Wolf
November 2022 – Here For You (feat. Q’AILA) – Pixl
December 2022 – Hot Thoughts – Spoon