Author: Aaron Garcia

  • I’m Attempting to Limit Social Media

    Earlier this year, I launched my own social network after using an alternative social network for several months. The experience helped me slow my mainstream social media use and experience an advertising and political news free environment. This month I shutdown my social network to save money. But I’m considering reopening a variant of it […]

  • We Celebrated Our Anniversary at The Creek Restaurant in Boerne

    For our 7 year anniversary of dating (different from our upcoming 1 year of marriage in February), we dined at The Creek Restaurant in Boerne. We were very impressed with the level of service we received, including the signed note from the owner wishing us a Happy Anniversary! I ordered steak. Kara ordered chicken. I […]

  • Day Trip to Austin

    We recently visited downtown Austin for a Taco shop and a pumpkin patch. While in Austin we walked a portion of 6th street and visited Whole Foods. I really enjoy photographing Austin’s skyscrapers. It’s hard to imagine how expensive they must be to build. They truly are works of art. This is my favorite photo […]

  • Thoughts on Motivation

    Motivation comes from within. It requires doing the right thing when no one is watching and when everyone is, yet it is unpopular. Even when alone in your commitment to stay the course, with nothing to gain and possibly much to lose. That unwavering devotion to persevere must come from within and cannot be dependent […]

  • Unboxing Xbox Series S & Playing Halo CE

    I overpaid on Amazon for what I thought was the Xbox One S that I then cancelled and ordered from Microsoft; I learned that this was the new Xbox Series S. It is a little confusing, but there are a few consoles out there Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox […]

  • Unboxing Vizio V-Serio 50 inch 4K Smart TV from Walmart

    Unboxing Vizio V-Serio 50 inch 4K Smart TV from Walmart

    Special thanks to my friend Rafael Alvarez for allowing me to unbox his new TV! We chose the Vizio TV because it was the brightest out of all the other TV models on display. The Phillips model came close, but the deciding factor was the Vizio had Apple Air Play and Rafael had an iPhone […]

  • Thank You, T-Mobile! Unboxing Apple iPhone 12 & Apple Watch SE from VP Jon Freier Twitter Prize

    Thank You, T-Mobile! Unboxing Apple iPhone 12 & Apple Watch SE from VP Jon Freier Twitter Prize

    Thank you, T-Mobile and Jon Freier, for select Kara and me to win 2 iPhone 12′ and 2 Apple Watch SE’. Jon was giving out this prize to 4 couples for Valentine’s Day, and we won! Kara and I had just gotten married a few hours before the announcement on Jon’s Twitter account. A wonderful […]

  • Unboxing New Apple Mac Mini M1 2021 Setup Review

    Unboxing New Apple Mac Mini M1 2021 Setup Review

    The Apple Mac Mini M1 is as blazing fast as they say! After several days of using it, I’m am pleased with my purchase, especially because the price was reasonable and there are no batteries to deplete lifecycles. The pros of buying this device are the speed, the price, and the likely longevity of using […]

  • San Antonio Social Network

    San Antonio Social Network

    I, Aaron Garcia, launched a new social network for San Antonio, called It’s everything that we love about San Antonio in a social network. The site feels a lot like Twitter and uses the Mastodon platform; which was first launched in 2016. I believe that San Antonio should have its own local social network […]

  • Food Delivery Apps and Discount Codes

    Food Delivery Apps and Discount Codes

    COVID-19 has suddenly changed our lives, forcing us to stay home and avoid contact with other people. Fortunately, several food apps arrived a few years ago, making at-home food delivery possible. Below are major Food Delivery Apps and their discount codes. Caviar Takeout & delivery from the best local restaurants delivered safely to your door. […]