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Jim Roschek, P.G.A.

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Aaron Garcia. Our company has employed Aaron for the last two years and I feel I am very qualified to offer this letter.

Aaron is a dedicated, mature, and capable young man. He has always worked well with his fellow employees, always reported to work on time, in proper attire, with a great attitude. He was an important asset to our organization and was well liked and respected by our employees and customers.

We are eliminating his position in our company as we have retained a full service advertising/social media company to handle our marketing.

I have a lot of respect for Aaron and it is my firm belief that Aaron will be successful in whatever walk of life he chooses.

Aaron did all the Social Media, Newsletters, Instagram, and Facebook postings for our company. He has done extensive video work, producing and editing, scores of presentations that have been used in our Marketing program. Aaron is also proficient at desktop troubleshooting for Mac and PC environments.

I would be happy to discuss Aaron’s abilities at any time. I can be reached any day at (redacted, see original letter for number).

Jim Roschek

Original letter: Epson_08312016193544