How the Government Could Fix the Economy

During this global COVID-19 crisis, most of us have two concerns on our minds; the first one should be our safety, but for many, it’s the economy. With businesses closed, our economy will suffer.

In simple terms, our economy is merely numbers circulated. These numbers are what enable us to buy what we need and want. Maslow’s Law of Hierarchical Needs teaches us that there are levels to what each of us needs and wishes. The basic needs are food, water, and shelter. These expand to love and community to self-actualization.

With the economy in danger, our core needs and expenses are food, water, electricity, home, and medical care. When you reflect on your core expenses and the ordinary expenses of everyone else, our needs are simple. Businesses need to pay for their building, employees, and vendors. The cycle is redundant.

If the government ensured that the basic needs of its citizens, businesses would not need to carry that burden. Companies would also not need to charge each other because the “need to eat” would be satisfied.

I believe our economy is overcomplicated, and this is because everyone needs to justify their existence—job security. But most of what we do the efforts that we make are entirely unnecessary. Our economy could be streamlined and ensure that no one goes hungry again.

Is that Communism? Is that socialism? Maybe elements resemble those “dirty words.” But for all the bias in American culture, we have areas we could improve. There is a lot of wasted effort.

Yes, many would like to be artists. I am not saying to end this. I am saying that we need to leverage technology and efficient processes to ensure that no American sleeps on a sidewalk. We should also ensure that Americans have time to themselves.

How is it fitting that some Americans are always at work while others are not. Yet the ones who do not work have more than the ones who do.

I know the common rebuttal already, but I’m asking you to think differently. I’m asking you to reflect on the way we currently operate our economy, and I’m asking you to come up with a more efficient and equal one. I’m asking you to consider what it would take to ensure that the economy is resilient instead of fragile.

Progress is an improvement. Let’s fix the economy so that it is a second or third concern to our health. The economy should not be our first concern. The economy is numbers in a spreadsheet. It’s a line of code. Fix the program, so it does not crash.

If one does not work, they do not eat. This logic justifies letting our fellow Americans suffer. Work is defined very loosely. Please think about that.

Charities exist because we failed to fix the root of the problem for so many. Yet fixing the economic inequality for good is somehow wrong? Please consider the contradiction.

By Aaron Garcia

If it's digital, I'm into it. This would include video production, graphic design, web administration, digital photography, and anything related to computers in general.

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