How the Coronavirus Changed Our World

The Coronavirus came suddenly. It felt like just a week ago; we were not concerned about anything. After we became conscious of the pandemic, it consumed our attention.

There was a part of me that recognized immediately how serious the situation could become, and another part of me that believed it would pass quickly without much consequence. The advice to purchase groceries came a week ago. I questioned the advice believing that if I had bought groceries, they would all spoil before I needed them if I needed them at all.

Then came the shelf hoarders who bought all my local store’s inventory. Photos of empty shelves trickled into my social media feeds. Still, I did not feel alarmed. I believed that it would pass, just like the gas crisis—maybe three weeks of inconvenience tops.

Now I find myself glued to my news apps, foraging for any updates that I can find. I see the map the world light up in red. I can foresee the virus spreading to those I love in my community.

I’m ready for this melodrama to be over! Tell me that this is sensationalism at work! The situation is becoming too real and lasting too long.

Unfortunately, this is real. And while this crisis has not fully engulfed my community, which I hope it never does, I know real people who I may never meet have been affected by this forever. That’s a heavy thought. I can never go back to not knowing the pain others are facing right now.

And then there is the economy. With so many closures and lockdowns, consequences are indeed looming. I have never witnessed anything of this scale before; I do not know what to expect. These new realities are unsettling.

But even in the darkest of times, the sunrise is over the next horizon. We will recover, and we will benefit from the advancements inspired by this crisis. Even in tragedy, improvements result. Wars brought us jets and drones. Tragedies inspire research.

Terrible tragedies occur, but our victory comes when we squeeze something good from them.

By Aaron Garcia

If it's digital, I'm into it. This would include video production, graphic design, web administration, digital photography, and anything related to computers in general.

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