Unboxing Vizio V-Serio 50 inch 4K Smart TV from Walmart

Special thanks to my friend Rafael Alvarez for allowing me to unbox his new TV!

We chose the Vizio TV because it was the brightest out of all the other TV models on display. The Phillips model came close, but the deciding factor was the Vizio had Apple Air Play and Rafael had an iPhone so it worked out perfectly.

This TV has great reviews both online and offline. I have several friends that only buy Vizio and absolutely love their TVs. While I personally have a TCL and a Sony, I was impressed by how bright the Vizio was compared to the TCL that was on display.

Brightness can be a determining factor when you have sunlight washing out your screen. At night it’s less of a factor. Come to think of it when I’m playing video games during the day I do get window glare on my TCL which will likely not be a problem with this Vizio.

The TV is $298 so it’s an amazing price for a 4K TV just a few years ago when this technology was new a 4K TV was $25,000! The prices have rapidly dropped to very reasonable rates.

For the time I spent with the TV I highly recommend it. But if you’re in doubt, like I have said in the video the TV you should get is the TV you like. It’s an old school method, but it still works today — look at all the TVs and pick the one that looks good to you. Some folks don’t like bright screens, I do like them.

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San Antonio Social Network

Official Launch Video – Aaron Garcia casually on his sofa inviting San Antonio to join.

I, Aaron Garcia, launched a new social network for San Antonio, called It’s everything that we love about San Antonio in a social network.

The site feels a lot like Twitter and uses the Mastodon platform; which was first launched in 2016.

I believe that San Antonio should have its own local social network that promotes local community causes, local businesses, and networks local residents. is a fun place for a fun city. Political rants or explicit content will not be allowed on the site. Instead we will focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. This includes Puffy Tacos, the San Antonio Spurs, Remembering the Alamo, our love of Fiesta, and supporting our local organizations.

To join simply click the button below and sign up. There are several apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store; these can be found here.